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10 ways to increase your current business by 10%

  • What would 10% increase look like?   Get it clear in your own mind first…
  • What would increasing your customers business by 10% do for them? 
  • What would increasing your customers business by 10% do for you?
  • What would increasing your customers business by 10% do for your Company?

Ten ways to grow your sales by 10%

1. Get curious about THEIR business…….Ask your customers questions about …..

Their business plans

• "What do we do for you today?"
• How does that fit in with your business plans?
• What are you looking to achieve this year in the business?
• What do we do for you today? What can we do to increase it?
• What would it take to increase it?
• If we could increase it by 10%? What would it do for you, your staff?

Where do you fit in?

• What do I/we have to do to get more/all of your business?
• Why do you buy elsewhere?
• What stops you buying more from us?
• What do you look for from a Distributor?
• Why do you use us?
• What could we do better?
• How do you currently market your business?
• How could we help you improve that?
• What do your staff do now to identify upsales opportunities?
• How many upsales opportunities do you potentially have each week?

The above questions will help you both; try using one or two of them on your next visits. You will find they open so many doors for you to get closer to your customers – why is this? Simple you’re talking about their business – not yours..

Think…Help your customers get what they want and as a result you will often get what you want

2. Increase your sales activity – Visit & call more customers!!

Simple but so effective –“ if your want to increase your success rate then double your failure rate.” (think about it)

3. Train them

Plug the leaks, where do they miss or lose opportunities? Create an internal champion. 

4. Be different – Top & Tail your visits

See the 'top man' when you first arrive, explain the purpose of the call, see the staff you need to and then take 5 mins to explain to the 'top man' what you’ve done/agreed etc. This will help you in many customers and differentiate you from your competitors.

5. Improve your own skills

“If you always do what you’ve always done – you’ll always get what you always got” So if you’re using the same approaches and techniques you have been using the chances are you will get the same results”, Improve your skills by 10% - what could happen?

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