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"Looking for more profitable work volumes?"

Are your Claims numbers dropping?

Looking to win more retail work?

Looking to increase profits and keep staff motivated?

Tel: 07860 510004
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Do you want to get more enquiries?

Do you want to convert more of your enquiries into jobs?

Do you want to upsell more?

 Are you a bodyshop looking for more profitable work?

Are you a supplier looking to help your bodyshop customers
with their challenge of winning more work?

Do you want some things you can start doing today?

Bodyshop Marketing is here to help you win more profitable business The site is designed to help you and your staff by giving you access to tips, tools and techniques that will make winning new customers easier as well as growing business from your existing customers.

Many repairers are looking for more profitable work in a reducing market only… ....

  • "They don't have the time,"
  • "They don't know where to start looking” "
  • "Their staff don't have the skills, "
  • "They believe you can't use marketing for accident repair." etc. etc.

You can now help you, your business and your staff by simply using Bodyshop Marketing Ltd.; We provide a range of services and tools that will help you and your bodyshop by -

  • Identifying the importance of winning customers from the first opportunity and how to do it.
  • Getting work by referrals.
  • Providing your team with the skills and knowledge required to win more customers, give great customer service and enjoy their job more.
  • Providing a marketing programme that guarantees you more volume 


Simply click on the free tools and tips info on the right and start to receive tips and techniques that will help you and your team immediately


You will be able to access your starter pack and get going.

 PS.    A quote taken from an Industry forum, posted by a Repairer
“My point is, we all think we're good but we really should see things from the eye of the customer! I for one must take some drastic action, I can no longer bury my head and hope things will get better.
 I must put a stop to this financial suicide”


Bodyshop Marketing Contact Details Bodyshop Marketing Contact Details (88 KB)


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